At Mid America Pipeline Construction, management believes that the health and safety of everyone is the highest priority throughout the company and community.

We have implemented a training program that educates our employees on safety and managements expectations regarding safety on all Mid-Am projects. Our philosophy is to educate and develop the employees safety mentality through leadership. We continue to evaluate each and every project fully in order to better pre-plan the safest way to execute a project.

The pre-planning and being prepared for the project is the cornerstone of a successful and safe project. We have instilled in all our employees that each and everyone has the right to stop the job for unsafe reasons of any kind with zero negative consequences. We would rather stop and re-evaluate the situation and make certain everyone and everything is being handled in the safest manner as possible.

This just reinforces Mid-America managements phrase Zero is the goal and we mean it! We are very proud of our safety record and strive to continue to improve on it every day.

Richard Horn IV
HSE Manager